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mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

Ciao Paolo, continua a sfrecciare da lassù e guida i nostri passi se puoi, ci servirà.

Visto? Sei anche riuscito a farci ascoltare tutto il repertorio dell'odiato Vasco e a farci piangere...

RADII MIX: New Music for Year of the Dog // Alpha狗 2018

sabato 17 febbraio 2018


[00:00] Guzz – 一线之间的细语

[02:10] Snapline – untitled

[04:19] Hedgehog – 盼暖春来 Longing for the Coming Warm Spring

[08:53] Lonely Leary – 银色城市 Silver City

[13:03] 工工工/Hot & Cold/The Offset: Spectacles – 節奏與嗡鳴二 Rhythm n’ Drone II

[17:57] Simon Frank – Change Too Fast

[21:10] Bloodz Boi/Fotan Laiki – 凍檸茶 Dong Leng Cha

[23:34] Zaliva D – Sky Singing

[27:10] Diva Li – 我的边都是点

[30:34] MengHan – untitled

[32:36] Zafka (张安定) – Haunting Bird

[37:32] South Acid Mimi Dance Team – Original Soul

[41:00] Low Bow – Heavy

[45:02] Alpine Decline – Diamond Cutter

[49:04] Absolute Purity – live

[52:20] Howie Lee – 河里洗澡 He Li Xi Zao

(More info about every song on Radii China.)  

Birdstriking - "哺育 Feed"

venerdì 9 febbraio 2018

Fugazi - Shut the Door

giovedì 4 gennaio 2018

I broke the surface so I can breathe 
I close my eyes so I can see 
I tie my arms to be free 
Have you ever been free? 

She's not breathing 
She's not moving 
She's not coming back 

I burn a fire to stay cool 
I burn myself, 
I am the fuel 
I never meant to be cruel 
Have you ever been cruel? 

She's not breathing 
She's not moving 
She's not coming back 
Shut the door so I can leave

Photos from Sri Lanka (GV2017 + Colombo)

sabato 30 dicembre 2017

Wire - Lowdown

mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017

The time is too short
But never too long
To reach ahead
To project the image
Which will in time become a concrete dream
Another cigarette
Another day
From A to B
Again avoiding C, D, and E
'Cause E is where you play the blues
Avoiding a death
Is to win the game
To avoid relegation
The big E

Drowning in the big swim
Rising to the surface
The smell of you
That's the lowdown

Photos from Sri Lanka (arrival at Mount Lavinia)

Nostalgia - Yu Guangzhong / 鄉愁 ~余光中

venerdì 15 dicembre 2017

Yu Guangzhong 余光中, the great poet of the Chinese diaspora who spent most of his life in Taiwan, has passed away. Here is perhaps his best known poem (to his chagrin), “Nostalgia” 鄉愁 - in his own handwriting, alongside my quick translation. Safe travels.
Source: Eileen Chengyin Chow Twitter

See you, space cowboy

lunedì 13 novembre 2017

On the street to the office: sampietrini poetici e streetart

lunedì 21 agosto 2017
Streetart di Maupal (sulla strada verso il lavoro)

(Ogni mattina, fermata del bus)

(Sampietrini, calpestati ovunque, scomodamente presenti)

(Gallerie e sottopassaggi romani, ovvero come nascondersi)

(Lungotevere dal bus giornaliero, golden hour della mente)
Sampietrini poetici - Foto e parole di Umanamente in Bilico

Kate Tempest - Tunnel Vision

mercoledì 9 agosto 2017

Tunnel vision, tunnel vision
Work, drinks, heartbreak
You can’t face the past, the past’s a dark place
Can’t sleep, can’t wake, sitting in our boxes
Notching up our victories as other people’s losses
Another day, another chance to turn your face away from pain
Let’s get a takeaway
And meet me in the pub a little later, we’ll say the same things as ever
Life’s a waiting game
When we gonna see that life is happening?
And that every single body bleeding on its knees is an abomination
And every natural being is making communication
And we’re just sparks, tiny parts of a bigger constellation
We’re miniscule molecules that make up one body
You see the tragedy and pain of a person that you’ve never met
Is present in your nightmares, in your pull towards despair
And the sickness of the culture, and the sickness in our hearts
Is a sickness that’s inflicted by this distance that we share
Now, it was our bombs that started this war
And now it rages far away
So we dismiss all its victims as strangers
But they’re parents and children made dogs by the danger
Existence is futile, so we don’t engage
But it was our boats that sailed, killed, stole, and made frail
It was our boots that stamped
It was our courts that jailed
And it was our fuckin’ banks that got bailed
It was us who turned bleakly away
Looked back down at our nails and our wedding plans
In the face of a full-force gale, we said
“Well, it’s not up to us to make this place a better land
It’s not up to us to make this place a better land.”
Justice, justice, recompense, humility
Trust is, trust is something we will never see
Till love is unconditional
The myth of the individual has left us disconnected, lost, and pitiful
I’m out in the rain
It’s a cold night in London
And I’m screaming at my loved ones to wake up and love more
I’m pleading with my loved ones to wake up and love more